What is Sound Healing?

From before we are born, until we die, sound is a part of our lives. If we are deaf, we, nonetheless, feel and are affected by the vibrations of sounds. For instance, there is an extraordinary deaf musician, Evelyn Glennie, a world-class percussionist, who plays barefoot so she can feel the sounds of the orchestra that accompanies her.

Yes! Sound is powerful and it’s a part of our lives.

Sound and Sound Healing

But it’s kind of like water to a fish: because we swim in it all the time, we often are oblivious to it, unless our sound environment disturbs — or delights — us. It’s not the sound itself that’s “bad” or “good”. A person who feels enlivened by his favorite heavy metal band may be irritated by soft, lyrical melodies or a soft drip of water. Each of us has been soothed — or disturbed — by sounds. Each of us is exposed to sounds that we don’t even notice. Also, our reaction to any given sound can change from moment to moment.

So, what does this have to do with sound healing? A lot, actually. Sound is an energy — an energy that can cause disruption or healing or neither of these. When a client comes to me for sound healing, I call in my Helping Spirits and listen as they show me which instrument to use, what rhythm to play, what tone to use, and for how long. We often use sound to connect with the disruptive energy. We let it express until it is ready to release into healing, and then support the healing with a more soothing (or energized) sound.

Coming in 2020: Four-Element Sound Training: Air / Fire / Water / Earth

Class Dates in 2020:

  • March 20-21
  • April 18–19
  • May 16–17
  • June 20-21
  • Sept. 19–20
  • Oct. 17–18
  • Nov. 14–15
  • Dec. 12–13

Sound Healing Class 2020

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Help yourself and others. Use sound to rebalance your energy. Re-discover your intuitive self through crafting. Improve your listening skills. Build a genuine connection to Nature and your fellow students. Develop a knowing that you are always guided and protected. And . . . every part of this process is super fun!

  • Make your own unique sound instruments to call in energies of the East (Creation), South (Love), West (Release) and North (Wisdom).

  • Learn how to identify four elemental shadow and addiction energies and treat them with sound.

  • Practice chakra balancing using sound and stone energy.

  • Learn to use a set of 12 Native American drum rhythms to restore balance to mind, body & spirit.

  • Enjoy creative play that engages your intuitive self. Take FUN time for You!

  • Get to know your Archetype Allies: The Visionary, The Healer, The Warrior, The Teacher – and the 4 Elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth -- by spending time in nature and meeting them in ceremony.

  • Work cooperatively in a small group of like-minded women.

Plan to attend every session. I’m accepting only 3 students for the 2020 class. If you are a therapist, consider adding “sound” as a powerful, new tool for your work.

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2019 Vocal Toning Circle & Classes

TONING is the intentional use of the voice to deepen spiritual connection, bring the body and all its energetic systems into balance and offer healing into the community. Enjoy the complete freedom to express yourself and release your unique sound to achieve harmony and balance.

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Monthly Toning Circle

  • Dates: 1st Sunday of every month
  • Time: 10:30-11:30 AM
  • Location: Animal Reiki Alliance, 3730 Falls Road (Rear Entrance), Baltimore, MD 21210.
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