What is Sound Therapy.

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Sound healing was used by many ancient cultures including the aboriginal people of Australia, who used the didgeridoo as a healing tool for 40,000 years, and the ancient Egyptians, who had a long tradition of singing the seven vowels in succession — “sounds filled with power.”

Sound flows through the water molecules that make up 99% of the molecules in your body. Using the principle of resonance, therapeutic sound balances and harmonizes your body, mind and spirit from the inside out. When exposed to sound fields, the cells of your body absorb the frequencies they need, like sonic food. At the same time, they reject what is not needed.

Of Body's Molecules Are Water

Years Using Gongs and Chants by Tibetan Monks

Year in which modern Sound Healing Was Discovered Again

2023 Classes.

Healing Drumbeats, Crafting and Ceremony
EXPLORE: The Eagle Beat, Horse Beat, Coyote Beat, Heartbeat, Bear Beat, Tree Beat, Buffalo Beat, the Void, plus 3 extra-credit polyrhythms! A TOOL FOR HEALING yourself & others.

How Sound Therapy Can Help Me.

Sound work can shift your energy internally. If you feel stuck, it can clear energetic blockages and get your resources flowing again, so you feel like moving forward. If you are anxious, it can center you, gently bringing you back to yourself.

This all happens on the invisible, energetic level. The shifts you experience will continue unfolding in your life during and after your sound session. Sound therapy works gently, from the inside out. When you look back, you will see its effects. Sometimes, sound brings hidden things to the surface for healing. Often, people report feeling better about themselves: their relationships work more smoothly, they are more engaged with their lives, they are happier with themselves.

What a Typical Sound Therapy Session Looks Like.

Learn how a sound therapy session works, the instruments used, and the structure of a typical session.

What to Expect.

What will I feel during my session?

You may start out curious and alert, but sound massage deeply relaxes the mind and body, and, typically, people report feeling deeply relaxed. The sound will allow your brain to reach a theta state (associated with meditation, sleep and deep relaxation) or an even deeper delta state (associated with hypnosis and ritual).  Many people report seeing images (like in a dream) or colors. You may receive a message. You will likely go in and out of deep relaxation and sleep.

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How will I feel afterwards?

Most people report feeling both relaxed and buzzy, i.e., they are vibrating internally. This is normal. It’s the body’s way of re-balancing its energy. If you wish, you may put salt under your tongue to stabilize the buzzy feeling that will gradually wear off on its own.

You may want to talk briefly about your experience or wrap it in silence. Subsequently, you may find that you sleep deeply and that the concerns that were weighing on you are gone or feel lighter. Something will have shifted.

Book a Private Session.

At this time, my private practice is for women only. Sound sessions are offered in Baltimore, Maryland, between 10 am and 4 pm ET. Allow 2 hours. Weekend sessions are often available.

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